How I Improved My Online Life, Immediately

I started using f.lux, and if you aren’t yet, go here:

F.lux is a very basic program. It filters blue light from your screen in time with the sun. It works on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and on a rooted Android. Plus, its pay what you can! You have no excuses, just give it a try. There is no need to sign up for anything, you just download the software to your device. If you are working on colour sensitive work, you can easily turn it off or use alt-end to pause it for an hour.

My biggest problem at a computer screen has been eye strain, especially when the light form the screen is much brighter than the light in the room. Even when I lowered the brightness on my device, I found my eyes feeling stretched out, the front of my head felt like a stiff rubber band, stretched to its max. After using f.lux for just a day I experience a dramatic reduction in strain. This is what I mean when I say my life was immediately improved, I can work better and with less pain now, at any hour of the day.

In a subtler way, my schedule has also been improving. Instead of being suddenly surprised that it is dark outside after hours at my desk, I notice my screen becoming gently orangeish and I can take a moment to appreciate that the sun is setting. This is a great natural way for me to place a break. As I move into night,  my screen becomes very noticeably orange. I have been finding this a useful visual queue to tell me to relax,  and to try to move away from my screen as I get ready to sleep.

I am always at a screen, for my job and in my personal life. I know I’m not alone, and let’s face it, we know it’s not the most healthy thing. With f.lux, I can feel very slightly more in tune with the natural rhythm around me. This is not a paid advertisement for f.lux I am personally endorsing its awesomeness.